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Ghee butter hack – for all your curry needs

14th June 20 - 1 minute read

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Become the ultimate master of masala and take your curry to the next level with our finger-licking ghee butter hack.

Give it a go with our easy-peasy short video. Simply slide some rich, creamy Anchor butter into your pan and make your very own homemade ghee!

For a more authentic Indian lunch or dinner, ignore the oil takes and opt for our ghee recipe instead. Your curries will be left creamier, tastier and bursting with flavour.

What will I need?

Cook any curry recipe and swap the oil base for a deep, buttery substitute instead.

Our chicken curry made with ghee idea is quick, simple, and uses only five ingredients. No compromising on the taste, with no time wasted.

You’ll need:

  • Anchor butter
  • Food filter paper
  • Onions
  • Chicken
  • Coriander
  • Jar of curry sauce
  • Naan


Add delicious cubes of butter to a pan on medium heat until fully melted. Once you’re satisfied with the rich colour, drain into a bowl using the food filter paper.

Crack on with the curry by adding a beautiful block of butter into a pan, and once again wait until it melts into a gorgeous golden ooze. Add the onions, chicken and coriander along with a jar of your tastiest curry sauce, and mix well.

Serve this delectable curry with a side of equally delicious naan breads, brushing with even more butter for that mouth-wateringly moist texture.


The extras

To make this creamy curry into an even more satistying meal, enjoy with a side of juicy spinach for that added crunch.


Tasty results

Getting ghee style butter involved in your curry concoctions will upgrade the taste instantly, adding a rich flavour and tantalising texture. Trust us – you’ll never go back once you’ve tried it.

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