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What products do Anchor make?

Here at Anchor we’re passionate about producing great tasting dairy products for you to enjoy. We make delicious Block Butter, Spreadable, Cheddar and Squirty Cream. Head over to the ‘Products’ section for more information.

Where is Anchor butter made?

Anchor block butter and spreadable are made in the UK using 100% British milk. Our butter is churned in Westbury, the heart of butter country.

Why have you changed your website?

At Anchor we always want to make sure we’re offering you the very best; from our delicious dairy to our wonderful website! Our shiny new site is packed full of great content and offers for you to enjoy. 

Where has the Good Stuff hub gone?

We said goodbye to the Good Stuff Hub on 12th June 2017. This is Anchor’s new and improved website packed full of great content. Check it out!

Where have my codes gone?

We are not running a code collecting scheme on our new website and codes will no longer be printed on packs. This change happened when the Good Stuff Hub closed on 12th June 2017 and we launched our new and improved site.

Does butter need to be refrigerated?

Keeping block butter in the fridge will keep it fresher for longer, but you can also keep it out so long as it’s in a sealed container or a nice butter dish. Leaving it out will make it softer and easier to spread, but remember that it won’t stay fresh as long.

Also keep in mind that unsalted block butter should always be kept in the fridge until you need it, as the lack of salt means it naturally has a shorter shelf life to begin with.

Spreadable butter should always be stored in the fridge.